Dalmatian Cultural Society

Auckland, New Zealand
Let us introduce you to our Society – The Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc or alternatively Dalmatinsko Kulturno Drustvo Inc has been around for over 90 years and is filled with Friends, Fun & Laughter.
The Club was formed to promote and preserve our Culture & Heritage. Our Society caters not only to the Croatian Dalmatian Community in New Zealand, but all of the people from the states that made up the former Yugoslavia.

Our society welcomes everybody to celebrate our people and heritage from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

We celebrate our culture and traditions through food, events, folklore, and language classes.

Our museum collects and preserves important records and memorabilia, to pass on to our future generations.

We enjoy frequent concerts and events, which showcase our members, both young and old, sharing and celebrating our language and traditional dances

Our Society was founded in Auckland back in 1930 when there were two organizations, namely the Yugoslav Club Inc and the Yugoslav Benevolent Society Inc which later joined to become the Yugoslav Society Inc. With the demise of Yugoslavia as a country, the Society changed its name to the Dalmatinsko Kulturno Drustvo Inc. ( Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc ).

From its modest beginnings with Clubrooms in the heart of the city, the Society is now situated about 3km from downtown Auckland. The premises we own and occupy consist of three levels, with about 50% (approximately 1600 sq.m) dedicated to Society activities and the balance leased out to other companies. With recent upgrading, we can now boast of having, possibly the most modern and up to date premises, occupied by any ethnic Society in New Zealand. We have a variety of kolo, music and language lessons, functions, and open days. Plus our member’s lounge is open Friday evenings for good food, drinks, and conversation.

We encourage all Croatians, and peoples from the former Yugoslavia, in the Auckland area to become involved and join us in preserving our heritage. We offer an environment of service and camaraderie.  We provide a comfortable place and a family-oriented environment, where friends and family can gather to enjoy good food and entertainment.

Upcoming events

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

Auckland function rooms for hire

Our prestigious BALL ROOM measures 17m x 30m, with a seating capacity of 330 with tables and chairs to suit.
Facilities include a stage 6m x 2.5m, sound system, air-conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen that can cater for any number of guests, and a bar with a full selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • The perfect venue for fund raising activities, bridal and wedding showers, birthday parties, wine tastings, weddings, banquet dinners, holiday parties, sporting event watch parties and funerals.

Our MEMBERS LOUNGE has seating for 100 people and has its own kitchen and bar. Other features include a pool table and a 42inch LCD TV. Perfect for holding corporate events and meetings or smaller parties.

Contact info@dalmatian.org.nz for bookings or more info

Ladies Group

In July 1999 a group of ladies met at the Society�s clubrooms to discuss the need for a Ladies Group. It was decided that the main objective was to �Foster friendship amongst the ladies of the community through regular afternoon teas with guest speakers at the Society and to have the occasional bus trip.�
From then on the ladies have enjoyed a variety of occasions. These are usually conducted on the last Sunday of the month, although Club commitments have meant that this is not always the case.

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Genealogical & Historical Society

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are a special interest group belonging to our parent organization, the Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc.
We were originally set up back in 1989 for the express purpose of preserving the history of our settlers in New Zealand. With the rapid passing of many of the early pioneers, it was essential that we tapped into the memory bank of those who were still with us and who could pass on accounts of the early pioneering days. It was also important that we should collect and preserve artifacts, memorabilia and records before they were irretrievably lost.


Membership is open to all who support the object of the Society. Show your support for the Dalmatian Cultural Society by renewing your membership or becoming a new member this year. Annual dues are nominal and your paid membership is the foundation of our strong, active and viable society. Offering tuition in traditional dance and language, access to our impressive archives, library, members lounge with delicious food choices and functions.

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