Dalmatian Cultural Society

Dalmatian Cultural Society, Auckland, New Zealand

Let us introduce you to our Society – The Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc or alternatively Dalmatinsko Kulturno Drustvo Inc. Our Society caters not only for the Dalmatian Community in New Zealand, but also those who identify as Croatians (Dalmatia being part of modern day Croatia) as well as for those peoples, who were part of what constituted the former Yugoslavia. All of the aforementioned, together with their descendants are catered for within our Society.


We are situated in Auckland, which is the biggest city in New Zealand and the centre where
most of our members reside.

Our Society was founded back in 1930, when there were two organizations, namely the
Yugoslav Club Inc and the Yugoslav Benevolent Society Inc which later joined to become the
Yugoslav Society Inc. With the demise of Yugoslavia as a country, the Society changed its
name to the Dalmatinsko Kulturno Drustvo Inc. ( Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc ).

From its modest beginnings with Clubrooms in the heart of the city, the Society is now situated about 3km from downtown Auckland. The premises we own and occupy consist of three levels, with about 50% (approximately 1600 sq.m) dedicated to Society activities and the balance leased out to other companies. With recent upgrading, we can now boast of having, possibly the most modern and up to date premises, occupied by any ethnic Society in New Zealand.