Membership Form

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DKD 2023-2024 Membership Application Form



(a) Subject to these rules and conditions :

Any person of any degree and/ or descent from the states that made up the former Yugoslavia and spouse and/or issue of any such person may become a Life/ Honorary or Junior Member of the Society and

Any person other than the aforesaid may be admitted from time to time as an Associate Member of the Society.

(b) The Society may at any time impose restrictions or conditions either general or particular as to membership

(c) All Members shall be entitled to all privileges and advantages of Full membership of the Society subject always to the foregoing Rule 4(b) hereof.

(d) Members shall be classified as follows :

1. Ordinary Members (being persons eighteen (18) years of age and over).

2. Life Members

3. Family Membership

4. Husband/Wife partners

5. Junior Members (being members who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) years.

6. Superannuate Single/Couple

7.  Associate Members: �Persons who are of other ethnic groups who wish to join and support the Dalmatian Cultural Society�

Any member accepting any class of membership of the Society shall have deemed to have agreed to abide by the Rules of the Society