Tarara Folklore Ensemble

The Tarara Folklore Ensemble is the senior kolo group at the Dalmatian Cultural Society.

“Kolo” is a collective name for traditional dances that originate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia – the ‘former Yugoslavia’. The word “kolo” literally translates to “circle” as the dances are performed in groups of people, often creating a circle by holding hands. Accompanied by fast-paced, instrumental two-beat music, the basic steps, which are easy to learn, are incorporated into beautiful, complex choreographies.

We dance kolo because the music, the tradition and the provincial culture stirs something inside each of us. Regardless of our individual backgrounds – whether our families came here 100 years ago or 10 years ago – we love getting together to reincarnate this old, idyllic way of life. Above all, we are united by a common understanding that folklore did not derive from the rich; to continue folklore tradition is to pay homage to the common man, salt of the earth peasantry from which we proudly descend.

Kolo dancing has been an institution at the Dalmatian Cultural Society since its inception. New to New Zealand, many migrants from the Balkan region wishing to continue their native traditions danced kolo and taught others how.

Generations later, we proudly continue that legacy.