One of the prime objectives of our Society is to keep alive the culture and traditions of our pioneers, which they brought to New Zealand from their homeland.
These include language, song, dance and music, which have been taught in the Society for over 75 years.
Performances are given within the Society and also at outside venues. The participants are called upon to give performances at other Clubs not only in New Zealand but also overseas. Our Cultural groups have staged shows or given performances in Croatia and in Australia (Perth, Sydney and Broken Hill).
Tuition is given to all age groups on a regular basis throughout the year (February to December), with qualified tutors available in all categories.


These are folk dances, which can be found in all of lands that made up the former Yugoslavia. Whilst the majority of Kolos taught, originate from Croatia, Kolos from other regions of the former Yugoslavia are also taught.
A Dalmatian Kolo, which is special and unique to New Zealand and which was first choreographed and performed in New Zealand in 1935, is also taught. This particular Kolo is also to be seen in Kaitaia and Dargaville, where it is fostered by the local Dalmatian Clubs.


Children and Youth Kolos:

Tuition for children from 4yrs to 11yrs is available every Friday evening with classes commencing at 7.00pm and finishing at 8.00 pm.
Tuition for youth from 12 yrs to 15yrs is available every Friday evening with classes commencing at 8.00pm and finishing at 9.00 pm.

Young Adults:

Tuition for young people 16 yrs and over is available every Sunday evening from 6.00pm

Older Adults:

Tuition for the more senior women (50yrs plus) is available every Monday evening from 7.30pm.

Reunion Kolo:

Tuition is available every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm.




Young children are given choir tuition every Friday evening from 7.00pm to 8.00 pm.


Adult Choir tuition classes are given every Friday evening from 8.00 until 9.30pm. The range of songs taught is extensive, with a particular emphasis on songs from Dalmatia.


A particular emphasis is accorded to the Tamburica, a stringed instrument which can be found in most of the Balkan countries, with the tamburica being slightly different to the others and most commonly found in Croatia and Serbia.
The tamburica has been played in New Zealand for over 100 years having been brought here by our early Dalmatian pioneers.
The piano accordion is always included in the orchestra.


Tuition and practices are held every Friday evening from 7.30 pm till 9.00 pm. All ages are covered and they are all encouraged to play together in one group.



Classes in the Croatian language are conducted every Friday evening for all ages

Children :

Children's classes commence at 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Adults :

Beginners and Intermediate classes are from 7.00 pm until 8.00pm
Advanced classes are from 8.00pm to 9.00pm


Junior kolo : Nikki Palinich
Intermediate Kolo: Nikki Palinich
Senior Kolo: Nenad Rajic
Reunion Kolo: Frank Vujnovich
Junior Choir: Berta Borich
Senior Choir: Damir Coklo
Croatian Language Tutor - Adults : Zlata Ozanic
Croatian Language Tutor - Children : TBC
Tamburica Orchestra: Paul Marinovich
Klapa "Dalma": Tihana Kovacevich

Tuition Fees

One applicant: $30.00
Two applicants in one family: $40.00
Three or more applicants in one family: $50.00

Enrollment Form

Click here to download the Enrollment Form Pupils UNDER 16 yrs of age

Click here to download the Enrollment Form Pupils OVER 16 yrs of age

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