Dalmatian Genealogical & Historical Society
Auckland New Zealand

Welcome / Dobro Dosli to our site.

We are a special interest group belonging to our parent organization, the Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc.
We were originally set up back in 1989 for the express purpose of preserving the history of our settlers in New Zealand. With the rapid passing of many of the early pioneers, it was essential that we tapped into the memory bank of those who were still with us and who could pass on accounts of the early pioneering days. It was also important that we should collect and preserve artifacts, memorabilia and records before they were irretrievably lost.
From its modest beginnings, our archive and museum has grown and grown , so much that it is now recognized as being one of the best of its kind, not only in New Zealand but also internationally.
It is unique, inasmuch as it is dedicated to those pioneers and their descendants, who originated from the lands of the former Yugoslavia, with the first known pioneer arriving in New Zealand as far back as 1858.
Because of the pattern of immigration to New Zealand, much of our collection relates to pioneers from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, in a region located between Split and Dubrovnik and another region centred on Novi Vinodolski. Nevertheless, there are many items which relate to other parts of Croatia, as well as to other regions of the former Yugoslavia.
There are strictly no politics or sectarian interests involved in our activities and our collections and displays and names correctly relate to, or identify to the period in which they were relevant.


Housed in our Museum and Archives is the second largest collection of Kauri Gum in New Zealand. This highly prized resinous gum was dug out of the earth by our early pioneers, who dug for gum mainly during the period 1870 to 1940.
We hold an extensive collection of photos relating to our early settlers, which include areas of interest such as vineyards, orchards, the fishing industry, restaurants, religious artifacts and Club activities. Many of the photos of early folklore groups are hand painted and are over 70 years old.
The archives holds many family history records and has on microfiche information relating to births, deaths, marriages, naturalisations and shipping records listing arrivals of early settlers.
There is a large collection of books, some of which are over 100yrs old. They are mainly in English or Serbo-Croatian. Also housed in the museum are many newspaper articles, which record activities by people in our community both in New Zealand and abroad.
We also have a small art and map collection, which keeps on growing. All items, such as books and other written material held in our Archives and Museum is entered into our manual register and also scanned for our computer records. Where items have been donated, we record the name of the donor and date received. Another section of the museum houses folklore costumes as worn by our early pioneers, as well as various types of musical instruments and early gramophone records.
Indeed, the list of what we have is too extensive to show here but suffice to say, you will be suitably impressed should you ever favour us with a visit.

G&H Membership:

G&H Membership is open to any person who is a member of the main Dalmatian Cultural Society Inc with an annual activity fee of NZ$20. The main requirements for being a member of the main Society can be found here: Click to be redirected to Members page with further detail in the Society's rule book available through the club's secretary.
We also welcome any others, who are not members of the main Society and who would like to take up membership, with an annual fee of NZ$25. Application forms can be downloaded on line. Persons in this category need not necessarily have any ethnic ties to our community.


We publish a monthly newsletter, which gives members information about the museum and archives and about future events and speakers and other items of general interest.

Meetings and Activities:

Every month we have a guest speaker to address our meetings which are held in the Society Rooms on the first Tuesday evening of the month at 8.00pm. We endeavour to provide speakers, who have some connection to our community or who can provide information which is of relevance to our museum and archives. These meetings are always very well attended which indicates the support and interest we have in the wider community.
From time to time we organize outings to visit places of historical interest, relevant to our community, usually by bus/coach.
We also have social evenings, where we feature musical items and other cultural entertainment by members of our community.

Click to download the Genealogical And Historical Society Membership Form

Annual Open Day:

Every year the Main Society (including our Museum & Archives) holds an Open Day, which is an invitation to the general public to come and see what we have and what we are about. There is no entry fee and for that particular day the archives and museum puts on a special display.

2008 was the celebration of 150 years since the arrival of our first Dalmatian settler to new Zealand. On this year we displayed 150 years of settlement in New Zealand. This year we intent to put on an day just as special.

This is something you should endeavour to attend. In addition to our displays, the main Society will be featuring cultural items such as museum dance and song and providing ethnic meals throughout the day.
Pencil in the date in your calendar, Sunday 23rd September 2018 from 10.30am until 6.00pm.

Donations and Bequests:

As our whole operation relies solely on voluntary work by our dedicated archivists and helpers, we are always looking at ways to fund our activities. We need to purchase items which are of historical interest, books, maps, works of art, Book shelves, display props, stationery, and a whole range of items needed to run an archive and museum.
Therefore donations do play a big part. We do ask that you consider becoming a regular donor or a benefactor, as without fund raising or donations our activities would come to a standstill.
Without such an organization as ours, much of our history in New Zealand would have long ago disappeared. We are most indebted to those in the community, who by their generosity (either with voluntary work or with donations) throughout the years, have greatly assisted in us improving on our facilities and in us enhancing our collection.

Opening Hours:

The Archives and Museum is open for visitors most Friday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and Mondays from 10.00am to mid-day and also on other days, by appointment. We can also cater for larger groups such as schools and clubs, most days, provided that adequate notice is given. The Archives and Museum are normally closed during January for our annual summer break.

Genealogical & Historical Contacts

Email us at dalmatianmuseum@gmail.com

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